For the past 6 years myself and my partner Joe Di Lisi have used vaporizers to kick the habit.

Now we are ready to share our experiences and apply our abilities to get this awesome arrangement of electronic devices out there to our friends,family and anyone who is ready for change. Some call this a replacement, I prefer saying its an alternative!


So tonight is the night we finally are online! Its been 11 months since Joe and myself took on the challenge of providing great quality ecigs and juices to more than just our close friends. I would have to say its been a journey for all of us and were coming out of it with a stronger bond and good understanding of what were actually doing here. HAHA!

We both agreed as long as were having fun vaping we will stay with this and im hoping this never ends as this venture will for sure be a hell of a journey!

Cheers Joe Di Lisi, here is to many years of a great friendship!

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