Yocan Evolve Plus Wax/Oils Concentrates Kit


Yocan Evolve-Plus Pen Vaporizer Atomizer/Tank & Battery Starter Kit for Concentrates (W/ Built-In Silicone Jar)

This is THE SIMPLE CHOICE if you’re looking for ‘the best concentrate vape pen for the money’ – it’s just that simple… you can’t beat it! The lowest price, for by FAR the best feature set, reliable and effective operation, and value! Replacement coils are SO inexpensive compared to all other pen brands, and we sell BY FAR more of these than we do of any other pen on the market, easily and for good reason. If you’re looking for a ‘no-brainer’, what’s easily the best and most obvious choice of extract / shatter / oil vape pens out there, this is SO IT! Dual Quartz Rods, industry-leading design with the Coil Cap that actually works SUPER well, super-solid construction you can FEEL the quality in your hand, and of course added bonus features like the bigger longer-lasting more-powerful battery and the awesome little silicone container built into the bottom of the battery! And all for this crazy-low price!? Wow. Seriously, look no further!! (This or the Evolve, or the new Magneto, you can’t go wrong!)

Package Content:
1 Evolve Plus Atomizer
1 Evolve Plus Battery (1100 mAh)
1 Extra Quartz Dual Coil
1 Wax Tool
1 Micro USB Cable

Available colors include: Black, Blue, Orange, Red, Silver, Purple Based on Available stock

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Black, Silver, Purple, Red, Orange, Blue


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